I am a husband, father, and artist. I have loved to draw all my life. Anytime I would have a piece of paper in my hands, I would doodle all over it. However, I don't think some of my schoolteachers appreciated the drawings all over their assignments.


In high school, I took as many art classes as I could take before graduating. When I graduated and went to college, I found the computer and decided to get my degree in graphic design. I knew this career choice would support my growing family and me. Thus, for the past twenty plus years, I have been creating logos, catalogs, and websites for some terrific companies and individuals.

When my boys were young, to keep them from getting restless in church, I would get out a piece of paper and a pencil or pen, and we would take turns drawing. Each of us would add a simple line or shape to the drawing until the paper was filled up with lots of imaginative designs. My boys loved it! The possibilities were endless, and each drawing was different. Sometimes, there would appear aliens, creatures of the sea, and all sorts of crazy contraptions. There were so many things to look at, and it was something I loved doing with my boys.

Now fast-forward to today. I had a visit one evening from two members of my church. I told them about how I used to draw with my boys in church when they were young. Then I asked these two individuals if they would like to give it a try. So, the three of us passed the paper around until it was full of all sorts of creative designs. Then, that night, I stayed up late, working on my iPad by adding color and depth to the drawing. I was so excited to show them the final results! I had never taken it this far before, and I realized I loved doing this kind of artwork with others. Being able to bring others into my work meant so much to me, and I wanted others to be a part of something I love to do.


Sitting down and drawing with others and seeing what evolves is exciting. Seeing those whom I can touch with the artwork we do together brings me so much joy. I'm so excited to be able to offer a work of art that families and loved ones can cherish forever.

I know each of us can be an artist. We all have art in us, and that's why I am starting this journey to find the artist in you and me.

How did this journey begin?