June 16, 2017



My son went to Monmouth College this past year to play baseball and had a great roommate for his freshman year. His name was Arturo, and he was from Chicago, Illinois. My wife and I had the chance to meet his parents at the beginning of the school year, and we were all excited for these two boys to go off to college and make some good memories.


At the end of the school year, I drove out to Monmouth, Illinois, to pick up Corbin and bring him back home. Before heading home, Arturo and his father had lunch with Corbin and I. While at lunch, I brought out my drawing tablet and Arturo Jr. and his father drew with me. As you can see in the picture above that they are big fans of the sports teams in Chicago, and they are especially excited about the Cubs, the winners of the 2016 World Series.


Drawing with Arturo and his Dad was a lot of fun, and we certainly had a lot of laughs at the restaurant. It was great to see how each one added his touch to the drawing and to watch each others reaction. What makes this fun is that nobody can tell each other what the images are in the drawing or what they represent until the drawing is completed. However, I think there were some obvious things you could tell without saying anything. That's what makes this so much fun!


I am excited to share this final masterpiece with the two of them, and I want their family to know how grateful our family was to have them be there for my son, Corbin as he was 18 1/2 hours away from home. Thank you, Arturo and Arturo Junior for drawing with me.


The pencil drawing is a collaboration of Arturo Sr., Arturo Jr. and me.


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