August 8, 2017



My wife and I stopped in to visit her brother and his wife in Las Vegas a few weeks ago as we headed to California for a fun getaway. So I had the chance to sit down and draw with Blayne, Laura and her son Spencer. During the process, I noticed that Spencer had some fun teasing her mom as he doodled on the paper and turned some of her doodles into something different looking or what she didn't expect. I think Laura was nervous that Blayne and Spencer might ruin the look and feel she wanted in the final drawing. We certainly all had some good laughs as each of us took turns and watched how this pencil drawing took shape.


As I completed this drawing, I noticed the different expressions on each character. It makes me think about how we can react to the various challenges that we face. I think each character within this drawing can represent us at different times in our lives. We can choose to be happy, sad, moody, surprised, or even fearful. Then there's another part of me as I look at this drawing it makes me smile and laugh as I see all their expressions happening at once. I hope as you look at this picture it can make you smile or laugh. Gosh, I hope it just makes you happy!


Now, this was the first time I drew with three other individuals as before I had only drawn with two. Who knows, I may even try a larger group and see what the outcome might be. Thank you for drawing with me Blayne, Laura, and Spencer.


The pencil drawing is a collaboration of Blayne, Laura, Spencer, and me.


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