November 10, 2017


I recently had the chance to sit down and draw with my niece, Paige, and her husband, Ryan. After seeing previous work I had done with others, Ryan and Paige were excited to see what would appear on paper when the three of us drew together. Now, remember that one of the rules in drawing was not to tell each other what one was drawing. It was up to each one of us to interpret what we see as each of us took turns drawing something small or adding to each other's scribbles. So it was a lot of fun seeing Paige and Ryan interact as they both tried to figure out what the other was drawing.


We certainly had some laughs and wonderment as the characters started to appear on the paper. One thing I can tell you is that you can look at a drawing and see one thing while another person can see something entirely different. This is what makes this project so much fun: to see the creativity come out of others and to make them a part of my work of art. I love this drawing for its whimsical look and feel. I know that Ryan thought that the snake coming out of the nose of the elephant-like creature was awesome. I had a great time with the both of you, and with the looks of this drawing, both of you are going to have a fun and whimsical life together! Like Watson who was Sherlock Holmes's partner in crime said: "Life is full of whimsical happenings." Thank you, Paige and Ryan, for drawing with me.


The pencil drawing is the result of the collaboration between Paige, Ryan, and me.


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